The certification of specified skills, knowledge and experience establishes a common, credible base for judging and promoting the professional competence of practitioners in a particular field towards professionals, employers and customers. Empirical studies suggest that certification enhances the employability and career advancement of the individual practitioner or employee. It also assists employers and consumers alike in making informed decisions about qualified personnel and providers.

If you are interested in building or optimising a certification programme, our services include

  • Designing your certification programme towards professional roles and competency levels
  • Defining the specific skill-sets and competency levels to be tested
  • Deploying a professionally sound test development and monitoring process
  • Facilitating job task analyses (JTA) and standard setting procedures
  • Building performance-orientated certification tests and items (questions)
  • Reviewing test items based on instructional design standards
  • Applying psychometric analyses to achieve and monitor high performance, validity and reliability of items, tests and exams
  • Ensuring adherence to legal requirements against certification