HR Process Management

Effective and efficient HR Processes are substantial for building, managing and maintaining a professional HR organization, especially in times of high frequencies of organizational changes and to accomodate the extensive utilization of HR IT systems. A strategic business partner to line organizations, HR needs to operate on well implemented, controllable, and sustainable processes that can be managed in a complete process management system. We work with you to safeguard and promote the quality of your HR processes, be it individual processes, specific process areas, or your complete HR process management as part of a total quality management approach. 

Partner with us if you want to

  • examine, extend, or optimize your process portfolio,
  • take your processes to higher levels of maturity,
  • ensure your processes are harmonized across the organization, e.g. to yield an efficient implementation into HR IT systems,
  • optimize the controllability of your processes by using actionable performance indicators and reports,
  • reconcile new or updated processes, and their realization in IT systems, with data privacy and works council requirements,
  • successfully pass process audits (e.g. ISO, TS) and minimize the risk of costly corrective actions.