BI Competency Centres

To leverage and utilise the information existing in an organisation for the betterment of business decision making, this is what Business Intelligence (BI) solutions normally claim to achieve. Technology alone, however, cannot live up to this promise. Hence, BI competency centres are increasingly employed as a chain link between IT and business. They are usually responsible for formulating an organisation's BI strategy, govern the compliance with standards and processes, plan and support the BI infrastructure and offer help and training for end users to utilise the information provided in BI systems for their respective business requirements.

The goal of our consultancy in this area is to achieve an optimal utilisation of the information provided in BI systems for your business decision making, using a multi-facetted approach. We support you in designing and installing business processes, competency development frameworks and an organisational information culture that - together - promote information usage throughout the business. We work with you in analysing strengths and weaknesses of your current information usage, creating an information strategy and building up a BI Competency Centre - from requirements gathering through to go live.