Education Strategy

Modern and effective education means more than ensuring a smooth administration of courses and seminars. What is required to make your training organisation successful in today’s dynamically changing business environments is an education strategy that is clearly and measurably tied to your enterprise’s goals. Very much the same as is required for Sales-, Marketing- or IT-strategies. To transform enterprise-wide strategies and goals into operational excellence for your training organisation, your education strategy should be formulated and deployed in a way that promotes a change in observable behaviour of both your training staff and clients. These changes, in turn, should have a measurable impact on the performance indicators of your training organisation and on a higher level affect your enterprise’s goals and success measures.

We support you in building a strategy-orientated training organisation:

  • Analysis of existing structures and processes, e.g. as a starting point for re-organisation projects, to develop an education strategy or for improving your education quality management frameworks and systems
  • Facilitation of strategy-building and change management processes in training organisations
  • Project management and consultancy, e.g. for developing and implementing new learning technologies and methods, designing and deploying education quality management frameworks and systems, conducting evaluation studies or developing informal and on-the-job learning approaches