Education Quality Management

Applying education quality management effectively and strategically means making a goal-directed investment into your human capital. This is because, through education quality management, you can tie the selection, creation and delivery of training offerings to your long termed organisational objectives in a measurable and continuous way.

The goal of education quality controlling is to establish and promote the value of training offerings. By measuring data about the quality, usage and costs of training, management and designers alike can gain invaluable insights for the improvement and effective management of training programmes and portfolios. For example, this information is important for assigning adequate training budgets or offering training programmes that meet actual personal development demands.

We work with you on defining the relevant performance indicators and quality assurance mechanisms for your education organisation. We strive to develop a well-balanced quality management system that not only considers cost issues but also includes measures of training quality and learning effectiveness.

Further, to be able to use training quality indicators in decision making processes, it is necessary to grant ready access to data for those who make the decisions. We use our experience in information management and reporting systems to work with your IT department on the inclusion of the education performance indicators into a stakeholder-orientated reporting system.

Finally, performance indicators can only be as good as the source data gathered for their calculation. We support you in defining and deploying operational processes and structures that ensure that data is gathered in a standardised and valid fashion.